Why 7-15-31-34 and 36 was a PERFECT winning combination

To catch a big fish you need to fish where the big fish are!

When I saw the winning numbers for Powerball last night, I was NOT surprised to discover that someone matched the 5 main numbers and walked away with $2,000,000.

The winning combination had – once again – that typical number distribution footprint that nearly all jackpot winning tickets have.

Here’s what I am talking about:

winning numbers Powerball February 21 2018

One top of that, the winning combination (5 main numbers) had 3 odd numbers and 2 even numbers … PLUS … it had 2 low numbers and 3 high numbers … PLUS a couple of other things.

Math people will always tell you that 1-2-3-4-5 has an equal chance to hit as 7-15-31-34-36

I always respond:

“If – in theory – all combinations have an equal chance to hit, then – according to that same theory – you can’t spoil your chances to win big either.

And if – in theory – you can’t spoil your chances to win big, then it’s certainly not wrong to fish in a pond where most of the big fish are, is it?”

Putting that theory aside, yesterday’s winning combo 7-15-31-34 and 36 was one of those big fish (again).

Only those players who played a combination with that perfect number distribution footprint had a chance to catch that BIG fish.

All other players – millions of them – did NOT have the slightest chance.

That’s not a fallacy but an absolute reality.

The “equal chance theory” is interesting, but there’s more to it than meets the eye.

We all know that, and we all feel that in the back of our mind.

To your awesome success in 2018,


Can any system or number picker do better?

Can any lottery system or number picker do better than what WinSlips does (with so few tickets)?

I am not trying to brag or anything, so please allow me to show you some true facts.

At the time of writing this post, when you take a closer look at Winslips‘ published test results, you will notice that Winslips experienced ZERO failures since the beginning of January 2018.

That means that all Powerball draw results since January 1 2018 felt within Winslips’ pre-selected probabilities (i.e. the footprint).

Can anyone do better?

Not a chance.

Furthermore, Winslips’ number reduction algorithm to SHRINK the original pool of numbers to a REDUCED and more manageable pool of numbers is guaranteed to be 100% fail-safe.

Picking numbers from a smaller pool of numbers is ALWAYS easier than picking an equal amount of numbers from a bigger pool of numbers. That UNIVERSAL lottery law is the basis on which Winslips was founded.

I created this ingenious tool because other lottery programs didn’t take into account that the vast majority of lotto players have a very limited playing budget.

For most jackpot games that are supported by Winslips, 6 combinations will do to squeeze a best possible chance out of the few dollars that typical players spend on tickets. If that’s too much, you can use Winslips to play one number combination as well.

I challenge anyone to provide more value and a better chance to win BIG with fewer tickets:

To your awesome success in 2018,


How to spend LESS … and win BIG!

When a guy spends $50 on lottery tickets, is he making a profit when he wins a small $5 prize?

Absolutely NOT.

But there’s really something strange and weird about that feeling of winning small prizes.

Let me explain …

Any person who spends $44 on tickets and doesn’t win a dime loses less than a person who spends $50 on tickets to win a $5 prize.

But the person who lost $44 feels desperate … while the one who actually lost $45 remains in high hopes for a big win because he just won a small prize.

Now, how stupid is that?

I hope I have your FULL attention now.

Anyone should let go that FAKE feeling of a (small) win.

A BIG WIN is what you are after. That’s either the jackpot or a big second prize (and nothing else).

That doesn’t require a big playing budget either.

Instead of spending MORE to win a small prize, you’d better spend LESS to win a BIG prize.

Once you realize that, that’s the moment you will start seeing what works and what doesn’t:

To your awesome success in 2018,


Why you pick the same lottery numbers as your neighbor (and keep losing)

How the human mind picks lottery numbersIf you ever wondered why your mind LOVES to pick lottery number combinations that are completely wrong, then keep reading.

You know your ABC, right … ?

It’s language … and we humans are MASTERS of language.

With numbers, things are quite different.

They pop up everywhere, and our mind always tries to connect the dots …

When our mind sees 1, 4 and 5 … it sees “missing numbers” 2 and 3.

When it observes 2, 4 and 8 … it “predicts” number 16.

It gets even stranger than that …

Take a good look at ALL the numbers you played during the last week or month.

Your mind probably picked number 19 for no reason at all.

Hmmm … no reason? … What year were you born? Is number 19 somewhere in that year?

You see … we humans are not very good at picking ORIGINAL numbers.

And when we pick numbers from a grid, it gets even worse:

“our brain picks numbers from left to right and from top to bottom, which is the correct pattern for reading a book (but not for picking numbers) …”

The end-result is this:

Most players who pick their own numbers do it completely wrong. Not only do they pick the same popular numbers that many other lottery players prefer to pick, they also play number combinations that have completely wrong number distribution patterns.

No wonder jackpots roll over so many times and grow that big!

Are random Quick Picks better?

The answer is “NO”.

With trully random Quick Picks – if that’s what they are – you might avoid playing the same popular numbers that everyone else is playing, but that alone doesn’t guarantee a better chance to win.

The real issue is this one:

Plenty of quick picks do not have that typical number distribution pattern that nearly all jackpot winning tickets have.

There is an EASY and Fully Automated way to avoid all that:

It’s as simple as look, point and click.

To your awesome success in 2018,


My Prediction for this week’s 4 Largest jackpot games

this week's lottery predictionDon’t expect empty promises from me as I won’t make them.

I am just good with numbers.

Extremely good.

Now pay attention!

At the time of writing

  • Powerball’s next jackpot is estimated at $184M.
  • EuroMillions’ 1st prize is pretty impressive as well: $157M.
  • And then we have Mega Millions: $136M.
  • EuroJackpot is ranked fourth: $112M.

Here’s my prediction for these 4 games:

I predict that the next winning combination for these 4 games will be marked by that very typical number distribution footprint that I discovered so many years ago.

Nearly all jackpot winning tickets have that winning footprint.

When you know that nearly all jackpot winning tickets have that winning footprint, then why bother playing tickets that don’t?

It’s a mathematical phenomenon that’s been happening again and again.

It will continue to happen again and again … I guarantee you.

When trying to capture a large jackpot, this important question should ALWAYS come to your mind:

“Why would I spend money on tickets that don’t have that winning footprint?”

Here’s the world’s ONLY tool that guarantees you to play “footprinted” tickets (and nothing else):

To your awesome success in 2018


What is Progressive Lottery Wagering?

progressive lottery wageringWhy would anyone play the EXACT same lottery combination in 3 different lottery stores?

I know EXACTLY why!

Here’s what happened …

On January 26th 2015, Verlyn Adamson bought 3 identical tickets at 3 different locations … and won the top prize of Wisconsin’s Supercash 3 times (3 x $350,000).

But this true story gets even more intriguing …

He performed the same stunt in August 2008, capturing the top prize of $350,000 on 4 separate tickets (4 x $350,000).

Hard to believe, right?

Here’s the official press release from the Wisconsin Lottery. (pdf-file)

I was puzzled by this for quite some time, but today … I know exactly WHAT he did, WHY he played the same combination multiple times, and HOW he did it.

This strategy is not for everyone, and the number picking process can be anything (In my view, you better use Winslips for that).

But the strategy as a whole is a real eye-opener.

Here’s HOW it works …

Let’s stick to Wisconsin’s Supercash.

You get 2 plays for $1

When you match 3/6 you get $1

So when you wager $1 to play 2 identical combinations, and match 3/6, you get 2 x $1

You make a $1 profit.

When you lose, your total loss is $1

Imagine you lost the first wager and decide to play the same 2 combinations for the next draw. (= $1 for 2 identical combinations again)

The following will happen.

When you win with this 2nd wager, you break even.

When you lose again, you have a total loss of $2.

To make up for that $2 loss, you need to play the same combination 3 times.

At this point, you add another “nearly-identical” combination (= 3 times the same combination + 1 time another combination that’s nearly identical to the other 3)

Want an example?

play 3 times this: 5-8-10-11-26-36
and 1 time this: 5-8-10-11-26-37

This will cost you $2

Your total wagering amount for this bet and previous bets is $4 at this stage (= $2 + $1 + $1)

  • when you match 3/6 with all 4 combinations (5-8-10 for example) you win 4 times $1 and break even again
  • When you match 3/6 with the 3 identical combinations (5-8-36 for example) you have a total loss of $1
  • When you match 3/6 with that unique and “slightly different” combination (5-8-37 for example) you end up with a total loss of $3

To make up for that loss, you need to do “more of the same” while adding more and more near-identical combinations … until you make a profit or break even.

This is a special form of “progressive lottery wagering” or “progressive lottery betting” where players slowly expand their number coverage (almost like a slow wheel).

Progressive lottery players hope they will capture some MULTIPLE higher prizes while trying to break even (4/6 or 5/6 and – in Verlyn Adamson’s case – even 6/6).

But the exponential nature of this form of wagering has some real limits. It honestly ends somewhere.

If you wanna try this at home, then be warned.

If you don’t have sufficient funds, then progressive lottery strategies quickly end with a (big) hole in your pocket.

You don’t have any guarantee when you have sufficient funds either.

It’s “hoping for” at best, and certainly not a strategy for the average Joe Budget player.

For Mister and Misses Budget, Winslips is way more efficient and much better:

To your awesome success in 2018,


Lightning Fast Lottery Wins These Days.

lightning fastFace it. Powerball and Mega Millions produce 1.3 millionaires every 2 days.

That’s NOT something that can be qualified as “more unlikely than being hit by lightning”.

Since so many social media addicts “think” it’s virtually impossible to win the lottery, I am trying to make a point here.

Winning BIG is VERY POSSIBLE! Let me show you …

We all remember that HUGE Mega Millions jackpot earlier this month (January 5, 2018 – $450 Million)

A day later, it was Powerball’s turn (January 6, 2018 – $560 Million)

Let’s put those 2 winners aside for now.

I want to show you something else!

I already told you that the extra ball (Power Ball or Mega Ball) is a pain in the butt so let’s focus on what happened since January the 6th, and how many players matched the 5 main numbers without that extra bonus ball …

Now Look at this!

  • 01/27/2018 (P.B.) : 1 winner wins 1M + 1 winner wins 2M
  • 01/24/2018 (P.B.) : 1 winner wins 1M
  • 01/23/2018 (M.M.) : 1 winner wins 1M
  • 01/19/2018 (M.M.) : 1 winner wins 1M
  • 01/17/2018 (P.B.) : 1 winner wins 1M + 1 winner wins 2M
  • 01/13/2018 (P.B.) : 2 winner wins 1M
  • 01/12/2018 (M.M.) : 1 winner wins 1M
  • 01/10/2018 (P.B.) : 1 winner wins 1M

That’s another 11 BIG winners, winning $1 Million or more, in as little as 17 days. That’s an average of 1.3 BIG winners every 48 hours!

Those are Lightning Fast lottery wins, no?

Tick Tock, Tick Tock …

Will you be next?

Compared to matching 5 main numbers from 69 or 70, there are plenty of other lotto games out there that are a lot easier to win (and with comparable prizes too – or better).

No-no, I didn’t say “EASY”!

I said “a LOT EASIER” than matching 5 main numbers from 69 or 70.

You either play those easier games (your 1st option), or you start using a fail-safe number reduction system (Winslips is the ONLY one in the world) that turns any game into a much easier game. That’s your 2nd and best option.

Even better, you can implement both options at the same time:

To your awesome success,


The One Ticket System is available (again)

One Ticket Lottery SystemI always had the habit of putting my clever ideas into HIGHLY polished products.

That’s because I believe that an excellent product needs to be supported by a dedicated support team.

Excellent Product + excellent support …

That’s what most lottery players want.

My “One Ticket System” was no exception. Because of its excellence, it sold out instantly:

Since then, I keep getting questions about WHEN my “One Ticket System” will be available again.

Did you know that this clever system is fully integrated into Winslips?

To use Winslips as a One Ticket System, you simply use Winslips WITHOUT clicking the INVERT-button. This way, Winslips’ integrated reduction platform won’t be engaged and you’ll get just 1 ticket instead of the usual 6.

So, how does the One Ticket System work?

Great Question!

In my previous newsletters, I told you that nearly all jackpot winning tickets have a particular number distribution footprint.

To tell you the truth, plenty of quick picks have that footprint (that’s why people occasionally win BIG with quick picks) …

But – also 100% the truth – and nothing but the truth …

plenty of quick picks don’t have that winning footprint.

That’s why quick picks aren’t your best option.

You see … when you buy a quick pick, you either get a ticket with the correct number distributions (and a good start), or you get a ticket with the wrong number distributions (and a fatal start).

FYI, I don’t want a “fatal start”. Why would I want that?

I don’t think you want a fatal start either, do you?

So I came up with the idea of a BETTER quick pick, a quick pick that ALWAYS has that particular footprint that nearly all jackpot winning tickets have.

I first created a mathematical model to calculate the unique “game-specific” footprint for each lotto game that I targeted.

I then set up a computer program that randomly picked a set of numbers. If the picked combination matched the calculated footprint, it passed. If not, a new random combination was picked. If that one didn’t pass, a new one was picked, etc …

The result was a simple but very useful One Ticket System … “Having” or “not having” a random ticket with the correct number distributions did not depend on luck anymore, and that’s a big step forward to achieve lottery success.

Always remember that, when you decide to play an ordinary quick pick, that you are having a much smarter choice the next time you play:

To your awesome success in 2018,


Lottery Ticket versus CHEESEBURGER … A “Smoking Hot” Lottery Tip !

price lottery ticket versus price cheeseburgerSome time ago, while I was waiting in line to validate my lottery tickets at my local lottery store …

… a middle aged man with a bad breath who was lined up just in front of me called me “STUPID” for playing the lottery.

Say What?

When it was his turn at the counter, I noticed he was buying a pack of cigarettes.

When we were face-to-face again, I couldn’t resist telling him what I though was right:

“I guarantee you that my lottery tickets won’t kill me, but your “STUPID” tobacco addiction will eventually get you.”.

Honestly, I am not pointing my finger to smokers. I am an ex-smoker myself who gave up cigarettes 12 years ago. But the above event inspired me to write this post, so I hope you will enjoy my newest ‘Smoking Hot’ Lottery Tip.


I love to play lottery ball games, no doubt about that.

But I love to eat food as well.

The price of a quality cheeseburger in the USA is about the same as the price of a lottery ticket:

around $2 bucks

Here’s my Free “YUMMIE” Tip

The next time you spend money on tickets, think in terms of how many cheeseburgers you can buy with that kind of money.

It’s food for thought (literally) and a good trick to AVOID overspending.

There are, however, even more similarities between lottery tickets and cheeseburgers.

Good cheeseburgers are juicy and tender … while bad burgers are dry and overcooked.

Likewise with lottery tickets!

Good tickets offer you a best chance to win … while bad tickets offer you a best chance to lose.

It all depends on the number distribution footprint of each individual ticket.

As I told you in some of my previous posts, nearly all jackpot winning tickets are marked by a typical number distribution footprint.

FULL documented proof about this winning footprint has been published on Winslips’ blog pages, and this twice per week since 2011 (till TODAY):

Honestly, do yourself a favor and play ONLY tickets that have that winning footprint.

Here’s the world’s ONLY tool that guarantees you to play footprinted tickets (and nothing else):

To your awesome success in 2018,


How to profit from public Lottery Knowledge

lottery odds CalculatorIf your chances to win $62M are BETTER than your chances to win $50M, then I hope I have all your attention.

Let me quickly show you how you can easily profit from some basic (and public) Lottery Knowledge.

With big lottery games, you’re NOT looking for an EASY bet. You’re looking for a BETTER bet.

For this, let’s compare the odds of 2 popular jackpot games.

At the time of writing this post (January 14, 2018), Powerball’s estimated jackpot is $62M while Mega Millions’ jackpot is estimated at $50M.

Now look at the odds …

  • Powerball Jackpot Odds
    1 in 292,201,338
  • Mega Millions Jackpot Odds
    1 in 302,575,350

If you think it doesn’t matter because you need luck anyway, then consider this:

  • The odds to win Powerball’s 2nd prize ($1 million) are 1 in 11,238,513
  • The odds to win Mega Millions’ 2nd prize ($1 million) are 1 in 12,103,014

“Not a big difference” you say? Then let’s visualize the odds of Mega Millions FIRST …

Imagine that you and 12,103,013 other persons are gathered in one gigantic football stadium.

Each person, including you, bought 1 unique ticket holding one of the 12,103,014 possible main number combinations, so all possible combinations of 5 main numbers are sold.

That would mean that one person will certainly win at least $1,000,000 (5 main numbers with or without the mega ball), no matter what the outcome of the next draw will be.

It could be you … or one of your 12,103,013 competitors.

Now, let’s imagine the same scenario, but before the draw starts, there are 864,501 LESS competitors.

You’re looking at Powerball now!

Well, that’s quite an eye-opener, isn’t it?

Playing the easiest of 2 games when that “easier” game has a bigger jackpot is certainly a big step towards your lottery success.

You can combine this knowledge with a superior lottery system like Winslips. Winslips is a pioneering lottery tool that turns any jackpot game into a much easier game.

To your awesome success,