Lottery Ticket versus CHEESEBURGER … A “Smoking Hot” Lottery Tip !

price lottery ticket versus price cheeseburgerSome time ago, while I was waiting in line to validate my lottery tickets at my local lottery store …

… a middle aged man with a bad breath who was lined up just in front of me called me “STUPID” for playing the lottery.

Say What?

When it was his turn at the counter, I noticed he was buying a pack of cigarettes.

When we were face-to-face again, I couldn’t resist telling him what I though was right:

“I guarantee you that my lottery tickets won’t kill me, but your “STUPID” tobacco addiction will eventually get you.”.

Honestly, I am not pointing my finger to smokers. I am an ex-smoker myself who gave up cigarettes 12 years ago. But the above event inspired me to write this post, so I hope you will enjoy my newest ‘Smoking Hot’ Lottery Tip.


I love to play lottery ball games, no doubt about that.

But I love to eat food as well.

The price of a quality cheeseburger in the USA is about the same as the price of a lottery ticket:

around $2 bucks

Here’s my Free “YUMMIE” Tip

The next time you spend money on tickets, think in terms of how many cheeseburgers you can buy with that kind of money.

It’s food for thought (literally) and a good trick to AVOID overspending.

There are, however, even more similarities between lottery tickets and cheeseburgers.

Good cheeseburgers are juicy and tender … while bad burgers are dry and overcooked.

Likewise with lottery tickets!

Good tickets offer you a best chance to win … while bad tickets offer you a best chance to lose.

It all depends on the number distribution footprint of each individual ticket.

As I told you in some of my previous posts, nearly all jackpot winning tickets are marked by a typical number distribution footprint.

FULL documented proof about this winning footprint has been published on Winslips’ blog pages, and this twice per week since 2011 (till TODAY):

Honestly, do yourself a favor and play ONLY tickets that have that winning footprint.

Here’s the world’s ONLY tool that guarantees you to play footprinted tickets (and nothing else):

To your awesome success in 2018,


How to profit from public Lottery Knowledge

lottery odds CalculatorIf your chances to win $62M are BETTER than your chances to win $50M, then I hope I have all your attention.

Let me quickly show you how you can easily profit from some basic (and public) Lottery Knowledge.

With big lottery games, you’re NOT looking for an EASY bet. You’re looking for a BETTER bet.

For this, let’s compare the odds of 2 popular jackpot games.

At the time of writing this post (January 14, 2018), Powerball’s estimated jackpot is $62M while Mega Millions’ jackpot is estimated at $50M.

Now look at the odds …

  • Powerball Jackpot Odds
    1 in 292,201,338
  • Mega Millions Jackpot Odds
    1 in 302,575,350

If you think it doesn’t matter because you need luck anyway, then consider this:

  • The odds to win Powerball’s 2nd prize ($1 million) are 1 in 11,238,513
  • The odds to win Mega Millions’ 2nd prize ($1 million) are 1 in 12,103,014

“Not a big difference” you say? Then let’s visualize the odds of Mega Millions FIRST …

Imagine that you and 12,103,013 other persons are gathered in one gigantic football stadium.

Each person, including you, bought 1 unique ticket holding one of the 12,103,014 possible main number combinations, so all possible combinations of 5 main numbers are sold.

That would mean that one person will certainly win at least $1,000,000 (5 main numbers with or without the mega ball), no matter what the outcome of the next draw will be.

It could be you … or one of your 12,103,013 competitors.

Now, let’s imagine the same scenario, but before the draw starts, there are 864,501 LESS competitors.

You’re looking at Powerball now!

Well, that’s quite an eye-opener, isn’t it?

Playing the easiest of 2 games when that “easier” game has a bigger jackpot is certainly a big step towards your lottery success.

You can combine this knowledge with a superior lottery system like Winslips. Winslips is a pioneering lottery tool that turns any jackpot game into a much easier game.

To your awesome success,


100% PROOF that lottery systems work really well

lottery systems and mathematicsLet me show you why lottery systems work really well.

I’ll give you a simple example for games like Powerball and Mega Millions.

Let’s focus on the 5 white balls (and forget about that extra ball for now)

You win $1,000,000 for matching the 5 main numbers.

As you already know, you can ONLY pick 5 MAIN numbers from each board.


If you were able to select 6 main numbers from each board (instead of just 5) … and 5 of those 6 need to be correct to win $1M … wouldn’t that make winning much easier?

Of course it would, and you can easily select 6 numbers (instead of just 5) by using a system …

Here are 3 easy steps to accomplish just that:

  1. Print this page and fill in 6 of your favorite numbers (A-F)
    A = ___ B = ___ C = ___ D = ___ E = ___ F = ___

  2. Replace all letters with their corresponding number from step 1:
    Line 1 = B – C – D – E – F
    Line 2 = A – C – D – E – F
    Line 3 = A – B – D – E – F
    Line 4 = A – B – C – E – F
    Line 5 = A – B – C – D – F
    Line 6 = A – B – C – D – E

  3. Play the 6 combinations you get from step 2

That’s it!

Does it work? … YOU BET!

Do you need luck too? … Of course you need luck, but less luck than before.

Anything else you need to make this work? …

Absolutely! You need to be patient until it’s your turn to win BIG.

Now, although I am providing the above system just to illustrate my point that lottery systems do work, I did develop a MUCH SUPERIOR lottery system:

To your awesome success in 2018,


Half a Billion Monster Jackpot won in New Hampshire

Powerball Winner New Hampshire Winslips ScreenshotYesterday, one winner from New Hampshire captured Powerball’s $559,700,000 grand prize.

Congratulations to the winner!

Lots of players will be disappointed that it wasn’t their turn this time, but then again, playing lottery jackpot games is a never-ending opportunity where you can trade a couple of bucks for a chance to win a fortune.

And rather than saying that winning the lottery is a “mission impossible”, why not just seeing things the way they are?

You simply can’t win the lottery if you don’t participate.

That’s what matters.

Some quick observations when you open this BIGGER screenshot, and I hate to sound like a broken record but what you see here is the truth …

  1. 3 of Winslips’ 6 number reduction panels were holding the 5 winning Powerball numbers (12, 29, 30, 33 and 61). You can see full details on this page.
  2. The lottery form for Powerball New Hampshire has the 7 column layout. With Winslips, you can easily select the exact configuration for each participating state.
  3. Yesterday’s winning combination had that typical number distribution footprint that nearly all jackpot winning tickets have. When you use Winslips to pick your numbers, all your combinations are guaranteed to have that winning footprint too.

Finally, let me mention that another 7 Second Prize Winners won $1,000,000 each!

That’s right. Yesterday, 7 tickets matched the 5 main numbers without the extra Powerball:

  • 1 ticket from Connecticut
  • 2 tickets from New Jersey
  • 1 ticket from South Carolina
  • 2 tickets from Texas
  • 1 ticket from Washington

Again, congratulations to all the winners.

One more thing …

Have a quick peek at my post from yesterday as well. One winner from Florida captured the Mega Millions grand prize. Have a look at my 5 observations.

To your awesome success in 2018


Should you use a Premium Lottery System (or not)?

Mega Millions Winner Florida Winslips ScreenshotWould you have won yesterday’s $450 Million Dollar jackpot if you had used a premium lottery system like Winslips?

A better chance was certainly there!

Big jackpot games like Mega Millions and Powerball are no easy games. But there is a way to turn those hard-to-hit lottery games into much easier games.

When I say “much easier”, that doesn’t mean “easy as pie”. However, when you consider the low amount of tickets involved to execute the Winslips program, you will understand how groundbreaking this amazing lottery system really is.

To follow my quick analysis of yesterday’s draw result, click on the Mega Millions thumbnail just above to see a bigger screenshot of Winslips’ Mega Millions set-up.

Mega Millions Screenshot – $450M Jackpot Analysis – Florida, Jan 5 2018

  1. First observation:
    The lottery form for Mega Millions Florida – where Mega Millions $450M jackpot was won – has the 7 column layout. With Winslips, you can select the exact configuration for each participating state. In this screenshot, Florida’s 7 column layout is displayed.
  2. Second observation:
    3 of Winslips’ 6 number reduction panels were holding the 5 winning Mega Millions numbers (28, 30, 39, 59 and 70). Only one reduction panel is displayed here. The 2 other reduction panels are loaded in the background (and not visible on this screenshot)
  3. Third observation:
    Picking numbers from a smaller pool of numbers is always EASIER than picking an equal amount of numbers from more numbers on the condition that the winning combination resides in the smaller pool. This condition must be met BEFORE the draw takes place. This is ALWAYS the case when you use Winslips.
  4. Fourth observation:
    Yesterday’s winning combination had that typical number distribution footprint that nearly all jackpot winning tickets have. Honestly, why bother playing tickets that don’t have that winning footprint? You won’t catch fish in an empty pond.
  5. Fifth observation:
    That Mega Ball is a killer ball, and unless you play them all (25 possible outcomes) there’s no easy way to eliminate it. However, with yesterday’s draw result, there were 10 players winning $1 Million or more without matching that Mega Ball

    • 7 winners won $1M
    • 1 winner won $1.86 M (California)
    • 2 winners won $3M (Megaplier)

Remember! With Winslips, you can turn any jackpot game into a much easier game. There’s always a next draw and it could be your turn then to win BIG.

Here’s a direct link to get instant access:

To your awesome success in 2018,


Why INVERTED lottery wheels work so well

inverted lottery wheels versus traditional lottery wheelsWhen dealing with lottery systems, I am in a perfect position to know what’s possible and what’s not.

I also know what people want: a WORKING lotto system that is CHEAP to execute.

When you focus on the word “WORKING”, you need to understand that you’re looking for something that “IMPROVES” your chances.

When you focus on the word “CHEAP”, you need to understand that you need to “LIMIT” your weekly spending on lottery tickets.

So when combining the words “WORKING” and “CHEAP”, what you want is a BEST POSSIBLE chance your LIMITED budget can buy.

There are, however, people out there who think that a “best possible chance” is NEVER good enough.
How wrong can they be?

As a researcher on the subject, I know that there are ONLY 2 things you can do to mathematically improve your chances to win the lottery:

  1. You combine more numbers (= wheel), OR
  2. You pick your numbers from a smaller pool of numbers with the GUARANTEE that the winning numbers are among that smaller pool (= inverted wheel)

The problem with “wheels” is this one: The amount of lines dramatically increases with each additional number you want to combine.

NOT SO with “inverted wheels”! Only 6 to 8 lines are involved, and you’re guaranteed that the winning combo is among a smaller pool of numbers:

Picking numbers from fewer numbers is ALWAYS easier than picking an equal amount of numbers from more numbers. That’s a universal lottery law and that’s why INVERTED lottery wheels work so well.

To your awesome success in 2018,


Another 5 BIG winners in just 6 days

chances to win versus chances of a shark attackI am only monitoring Powerball and Mega Millions, and to many players’ surprise (but not mine), both lottery jackpot games produced another 5 big winners in just 6 days.

  • 12/27/2017 (P.B) : 1 winner wins 2M
  • 12/26/2017 (M.M.) : 1 winner wins 1M + 1 winner wins 4M
  • 12/23/2017 (P.B) : 1 winner wins 1M
  • 12/22/2017 (M.M.) : 1 winner wins 1M

Let’s not forget that – at the time of writing – there were 12 BIG winners in the 2 weeks before this week as well, each winning at least a Million dollars.

That’s 17 Powerball and Mega Millions winners in less than a month time.

Still think that your chances to win the lottery are akin to getting struck by lightning WHILE being eaten by a shark?

Whether you agree with those lottery haters or not, none of those 17 winners were ever struck by lightning nor were they ever bitten by a shark (let alone at the same time).

To win the lottery, frequent participation is KEY.

Making things easier for yourself is KEY too:

There’s always a next draw and it could be your turn then.

To your awesome success,


Why SELLING a Great Lottery System?

Pizza versus Lottery SystemSome time ago, a guy asked me why I am selling a GREAT lottery system.

He suggested that, if it’s so GREAT, that I should keep it for myself.

Good point, but that’s a bit like wondering WHY a pizza restaurant sells GREAT tasting pizzas.

Why don’t they just eat them (instead of selling them)?

Ever considered that PRIDE is the driving force for creating GREAT stuff?

Pride is certainly MY driving force, and Winslips sells itself because it simply WORKS.

All my fans appreciate that.

Here’s what my fans say about Winslips:

To your awesome success,


Twelve BIG Lotto winners in just 16 days!

sheep following other sheepAll those “geniuses” out there telling you that winning BIG is virtually impossible … ?

They are just sheep following other sheep on social media,

and they’ve been lying to you BIG time.

Ready for 100% proof?

Let’s take a closer look at Powerball and Mega Millions … and this for the month of December 2017 (at the time of writing – 12/18/2017 – we’re just half way the month of December!)

  • 12/01/2017 (M.M.) : 3 winners win 1M + 1 winner wins 3M
  • 12/02/2017 (P.B.) : 1 winner wins 1M
  • 12/08/2017 (M.M.) : 1 winner wins 1M
  • 12/09/2017 (P.B.) : 2 winners win 1M + 1 winner wins 2M
  • 12/12/2017 (M.M.) : 1 winner wins 1M
  • 12/13/2017 (P.B.) : 1 winner wins 1M
  • 12/16/2017 (P.B.) : 1 winner wins 1M

That’s 12 big winners in just 16 days, while the number of tickets sold this month for both these games was low to average.

Still think it’s virtually impossible to win BIG?

You shouldn’t listen to all those social media addicts who don’t know shit about lotteries. They just re-post other people’s nonsense to get a couple of “likes”.

With the right tools, a BIG win becomes even more possible than ever:

To your awesome success in 2017


How To Win The Lottery With 7 Tickets Or Less

There are currently 3 humongous jackpots waiting to be won this week.

At the time of writing …

  • Mega Millions’ jackpot is estimated at $223 million.
  • Powerball’s estimated jackpot is “slightly” better: $269 million
  • EuroMillions’ jackpot is projected to be $160 million USD (100% tax free, except if the 1st prize is being won in Spain, Portugal or Switzerland)

To increase your chances to win one of these lotto ball games, I have uploaded a free report on one of my premium lottery sites.

In that free report, I’ll show you your BEST options to win with 7 tickets or less (1 ticket = 1 play = 1 combination).

That 4th option will surprise you.

Get your free report from here: How To Win The Lottery With 7 Tickets Or Less

Good luck!