How Effective is a Mathematical Lottery System?

A mathematical lottery system is a system that is based on pure math.

Winslips is such a system.

How effective is it?

Let me tell you upfront … Your own success is not always relevant when judging the effectiveness of a mathematical lottery system.

My personal “quote” below explains why that is …

If I could guarantee that 50% of all Winslips users will win the jackpot one day, then with an ABSOLUTE certainty …

… the other half would complain that it didn’t work (for them).

So, if personal success (or lack of success) is not really relevant, then what is?

Here’s what’s relevant …


Since the beginning of its existence, Winslips’ number reduction platform NEVER failed.

Not even once!

That’s because it simply can not fail.

I triple your money back if it ever does.

The BIGGEST advantage of using Winslips’ number reduction platform is this one:

“Picking numbers from fewer numbers is ALWAYS easier than picking an equal amount of numbers from more numbers”.

Prove me wrong on this and I even quadruple your money back.

To those who think there must be something better out there … ?

“KEEP DREAMING, FOLKS. These are the best odds you can get with so few tickets. PERIOD.”

Better odds are always SUPERIOR to worse odds.

That’s the whole point.


Start using WINSLIPS today.

To your success,


Wanna know a real lottery secret?

Here’s a REAL lottery secret:

“Quick Pick players buy more tickets (compared to conventional players). That’s why lotteries promote the Quick Pick option so heavily …”

Don’t get me wrong, some major jackpots have been won with Quick Picks.

But you have to put things into perspective.

Let’s just do that …

  • At the time of writing (April 21 2016) … do you know how many tickets won a Powerball jackpot with a Quick Pick selection since January 2016?

    You can count them on the fingers of one hand: Only two!

  • Wanna know how many tickets lost the Powerball jackpot with a Quick Pick selection?

    This amazing observation will open your eyes:

    On average, each Powerball draw generates around 20 million ticket sales.

    About 80% of those are Quick Picks … That’s 16 million Quick Pick tickets per draw.

    Since January 2016, we had 32 draws.

    32 draws times 16 million QP tickets … minus the 2 winners I mentioned earlier …

    That’s more than half a billion quick picks since January 2016 that lost the jackpot.

Honestly, after reading this …

Do you still think that Quick Picks are your best option?

Remember, lotteries invented Quick Picks to increase ticket sales (and ONLY for that reason)

You have a much better option!

To your success,


When you win a BIG lottery jackpot … ! (Excellent advice)

Lotto Dollars WinningsWhen you win a BIG lottery jackpot, what should you do?

Trust me on this: winning stories are magnets for crooks, thieves and professional beggars.

For this reason, when a big lottery win happens to you, keep your “Big Win” as much a secret as you possibly can.

In the unfortunate case that your lottery state requires you to become public, contact a specialized attorney and seek help to minimize your exposure to the media.

Wanna know what happens when you don’t?

Take the Robinson family from Tennessee for example, who won one-third of that 1.5 billion Powerball jackpot last month.

After making their public appearance on various TV-shows, they were sued by an inmate who claims the tickets were bought with his money.

Now, although there’s no chance that this inmate will shave off a single penny from the Robinson’s winnings, just imagine how much trouble they have to deal with these kind of fraudulent claims.

According to them, their phone rings non-stop (and not only for the usual congratulations).

Same thing happens in their mail-box as they receive tons of letters with urgent requests.

Think they are enjoying that?

For this reason, when you win big, never EVER share your winning story with anyone.

If you do, not only complete strangers will harass you, but some of your best friends and family members will show their true colors too, I guarantee you!

So keep your lips sealed, okay?

To conclude this post, here’s some excellent advice that was mailed to me by one of our Winslips members.

Here it is:

If you win a BIG jackpot, immediately call everyone you know.

Tell them you have an emergency and need to borrow $500.

Most people you call will ignore you, or invent a poor excuse for not being able to help you out.

This will come in very handy … should they ever find out that you won the BIG one!

It will accomplish 2 things for you:

  1. it will make it much harder for them to ask money from you
  2. it will tell you who your real friends are, so you can share with those.

Pretty smart advice, isn’t it?

To your success,


Computerized lotto draws … and FRAUD!

lotto-machineI think this story will knock your socks off!

As you may know, plenty of lotteries abandoned real lotto ball machines, and switched to a cheaper format where a RNG (or Random Number Generator = a computer program) draws the winning numbers.

The WEAKEST link in the whole process is of course the operator/programmer of that Random Number Generator.

With no witnesses around and plenty of dollars at stake, what IF the operator manages to install a tiny little program in the background, that destroys itself AFTER it picked the winning numbers that the operator already played?

Think it’s impossible?

Here are a couple of links to an amazing but REAL story:

I don’t think it’s a wide-spread problem, but just to be safe, here’s my good advice:

If you have the choice, then pick a lottery game that draws the numbers with a traditional lotto ball machine.

It’s ALWAYS safer as traditional machines are not so easy to manipulate.

To your success!


Auto Pick Ticket wins HUGE Mega Millions jackpot

Yesterday’s Mega Millions jackpot of $200 million was won by a computer generated Auto Pick (or Quick Pick).

When this happens, the following question always comes to mind:

Is it smart to play Auto Picks?

To find out, I couldn’t wait to see if the winning combination corresponded to that typical number distribution footprint that nearly all jackpot winning tickets have.

Guess what … ?


and I wasn’t surprised at all.

But here’s something that WILL surprise you …

Plenty of computer generated Auto Picks do NOT have that winning footprint!

Last week, many millions of TOTALLY RANDOM and WRONGLY DISTRIBUTED Auto Pick combinations have been sold to an equal amount of “unlucky” folks.

Maybe you bought some of those BAD picks as well, I don’t know …

But what really comes to mind is this:

Why would you let your luck depend on something that you can easily avoid?

Honestly, when nearly all jackpot winning tickets have a particular footprint, why bother playing tickets that don’t?

You can easily MANIPULATE your own luck by playing tickets that are guaranteed to have the correct number distribution footprint.

You have that guarantee when you use WINSLIPS

WINSLIPS is the ONLY tool out there that guarantees you this (amongst plenty of other amazing things).

You certainly don’t have that guarantee when playing Auto Picks.

To your success!


How To Win Mega Millions

MM-nov-11-2015Ready to do some GREAT thinking?

When you play games like Mega Millions, with huge odds against you, then there’s one SMART thing you can easily do …

You simply AVOID losing where plenty of others FAIL.

You have no idea how many millions of dollars are flushed down the toilet each and every week (and most likely some of your hard-earned dollars as well).

A sure way to avoid this is to ONLY play tickets that have the correct number distribution footprint.

For your information, nearly all jackpot winning tickets have that footprint, so why bother playing tickets that don’t.

The last 3 drawn combinations for Mega Millions were no exception: they all correspond to the winning footprint I mentioned earlier.

To find the proper footprint of your local lotto game, visit It’s a perfect system for smart players on a shoe-string budget. Hundreds of lottery games are fully supported.

To your success,


Is it legal to buy lottery tickets online?

pic of supreme court USAThis topic seems to be on many people’s mind as I keep getting questions similar to this one (and this about 3 to 4 times a week)

Dear Stefan,
Thank you for What a great program.
I want to play this specific lotto game: ___
Where can I buy lotto tickets online?

INDEED, tickets for some of the BIGGEST games out there can be purchased online.

But they come with a hefty price-tag as well (which is quite normal)

Let me explain …

Online ticket brokers buy these tickets for you in local shops. This is called a butler service. They then scan your ticket, and UPLOAD the scanned image of your ticket to your personal ‘ticket account’ (so that you can print it and claim ownership when you win a prize).-

Such a service (BUY, SCAN, UPLOAD) costs money, and YES … they do have to make a profit too.

All this is quite normal!

The only thing is … many players are a bit worried about the legality of all this.

You see … the BIGGEST jackpot games are usually USA games.

It may surprise you, but on the federal level … gambling is illegal in the United States.

ONLY an individual state has the right to organize gambling related activities such as lotteries, but ONLY within their state’s borders.

Multi-state lotteries like Powerball for example are organized by each individual (participating) state, which explains why each state has their own Powerball lottery forms

Now, each state can legally sell tickets to ANYONE who is within their state’s border.
So technically – the way I understand it – your ‘online’ butler can legally purchase YOUR ticket(s).

YES, they are yours!

The only thing is, your butler can not be a lottery ticket RESELLER. That would be illegal.

So the question comes to mind … is your ‘butler’ a reseller?

In my opinion, he would be if he first picked HIS numbers and then sold you HIS tickets.

But that’s not what he does. He just buys your tickets with YOUR NUMBERS on your behalf!

Food for thought, I know, and certainly not legal advise, but I keep you updated when I found out more.

To your success,


Gail Howard Passed Away

Gail Howard dies at age 80This sad news is official now. Gail Howard, founder of “Smart Luck” passed away at age 80.

Although I didn’t know her personally, I was inspired by her dedication to prove that winning BIG requires more than just “Dumb Luck”.

I have no doubt that she will be missed by many.

Pick3sniper – Open Again for New Members!

Pick3sniper Box CoverI am pleased to announce that Pick3sniper has been re-opened for new members. A brand new homepage has been added as well.

Without a doubt, Pick3sniper is one of the best Pick3 tools you will ever encounter.

  • Pick3sniper works for any Pick 3 game in the world.
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  • Play 10 pick 3 combos and that’s it
  • Get 100% accurate cluster predictions
  • Experience a 600% combinatorial advantage
  • Discover hidden trends with a click on a button
  • Catch both Singles AND Doubles
  • Make better decisions based on powerful and fully automated statistics

Pick3sniper is 100% unique, truly amazing and much more than that.

Have a quick look at the new sales page:
Pick3sniper Official Page

To your success,


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