Another 5 BIG winners in just 6 days

chances to win versus chances of a shark attackI am only monitoring Powerball and Mega Millions, and to many players’ surprise (but not mine), both lottery jackpot games produced another 5 big winners in just 6 days.

  • 12/27/2017 (P.B) : 1 winner wins 2M
  • 12/26/2017 (M.M.) : 1 winner wins 1M + 1 winner wins 4M
  • 12/23/2017 (P.B) : 1 winner wins 1M
  • 12/22/2017 (M.M.) : 1 winner wins 1M

Let’s not forget that – at the time of writing – there were 12 BIG winners in the 2 weeks before this week as well, each winning at least a Million dollars.

That’s 17 Powerball and Mega Millions winners in less than a month time.

Still think that your chances to win the lottery are akin to getting struck by lightning WHILE being eaten by a shark?

Whether you agree with those lottery haters or not, none of those 17 winners were ever struck by lightning nor were they ever bitten by a shark (let alone at the same time).

To win the lottery, frequent participation is KEY.

Making things easier for yourself is KEY too:

There’s always a next draw and it could be your turn then.

To your awesome success,