Auto Pick Ticket wins HUGE Mega Millions jackpot

Yesterday’s Mega Millions jackpot of $200 million was won by a computer generated Auto Pick (or Quick Pick).

When this happens, the following question always comes to mind:

Is it smart to play Auto Picks?

To find out, I couldn’t wait to see if the winning combination corresponded to that typical number distribution footprint that nearly all jackpot winning tickets have.

Guess what … ?


and I wasn’t surprised at all.

But here’s something that WILL surprise you …

Plenty of computer generated Auto Picks do NOT have that winning footprint!

Last week, many millions of TOTALLY RANDOM and WRONGLY DISTRIBUTED Auto Pick combinations have been sold to an equal amount of “unlucky” folks.

Maybe you bought some of those BAD picks as well, I don’t know …

But what really comes to mind is this:

Why would you let your luck depend on something that you can easily avoid?

Honestly, when nearly all jackpot winning tickets have a particular footprint, why bother playing tickets that don’t?

You can easily MANIPULATE your own luck by playing tickets that are guaranteed to have the correct number distribution footprint.

You have that guarantee when you use WINSLIPS

WINSLIPS is the ONLY tool out there that guarantees you this (amongst plenty of other amazing things).

You certainly don’t have that guarantee when playing Auto Picks.

To your success!