Computerized lotto draws … and FRAUD!

lotto-machineI think this story will knock your socks off!

As you may know, plenty of lotteries abandoned real lotto ball machines, and switched to a cheaper format where a RNG (or Random Number Generator = a computer program) draws the winning numbers.

The WEAKEST link in the whole process is of course the operator/programmer of that Random Number Generator.

With no witnesses around and plenty of dollars at stake, what IF the operator manages to install a tiny little program in the background, that destroys itself AFTER it picked the winning numbers that the operator already played?

Think it’s impossible?

Here are a couple of links to an amazing but REAL story:

I don’t think it’s a wide-spread problem, but just to be safe, here’s my good advice:

If you have the choice, then pick a lottery game that draws the numbers with a traditional lotto ball machine.

It’s ALWAYS safer as traditional machines are not so easy to manipulate.

To your success!