How To Win Mega Millions

MM-nov-11-2015Ready to do some GREAT thinking?

When you play games like Mega Millions, with huge odds against you, then there’s one SMART thing you can easily do …

You simply AVOID losing where plenty of others FAIL.

You have no idea how many millions of dollars are flushed down the toilet each and every week (and most likely some of your hard-earned dollars as well).

A sure way to avoid this is to ONLY play tickets that have the correct number distribution footprint.

For your information, nearly all jackpot winning tickets have that footprint, so why bother playing tickets that don’t.

The last 3 drawn combinations for Mega Millions were no exception: they all correspond to the winning footprint I mentioned earlier.

To find the proper footprint of your local lotto game, visit It’s a perfect system for smart players on a shoe-string budget. Hundreds of lottery games are fully supported.

To your success,