Lottery Ticket versus CHEESEBURGER … A “Smoking Hot” Lottery Tip !

price lottery ticket versus price cheeseburgerSome time ago, while I was waiting in line to validate my lottery tickets at my local lottery store …

… a middle aged man with a bad breath who was lined up just in front of me called me “STUPID” for playing the lottery.

Say What?

When it was his turn at the counter, I noticed he was buying a pack of cigarettes.

When we were face-to-face again, I couldn’t resist telling him what I though was right:

“I guarantee you that my lottery tickets won’t kill me, but your “STUPID” tobacco addiction will eventually get you.”.

Honestly, I am not pointing my finger to smokers. I am an ex-smoker myself who gave up cigarettes 12 years ago. But the above event inspired me to write this post, so I hope you will enjoy my newest ‘Smoking Hot’ Lottery Tip.


I love to play lottery ball games, no doubt about that.

But I love to eat food as well.

The price of a quality cheeseburger in the USA is about the same as the price of a lottery ticket:

around $2 bucks

Here’s my Free “YUMMIE” Tip

The next time you spend money on tickets, think in terms of how many cheeseburgers you can buy with that kind of money.

It’s food for thought (literally) and a good trick to AVOID overspending.

There are, however, even more similarities between lottery tickets and cheeseburgers.

Good cheeseburgers are juicy and tender … while bad burgers are dry and overcooked.

Likewise with lottery tickets!

Good tickets offer you a best chance to win … while bad tickets offer you a best chance to lose.

It all depends on the number distribution footprint of each individual ticket.

As I told you in some of my previous posts, nearly all jackpot winning tickets are marked by a typical number distribution footprint.

FULL documented proof about this winning footprint has been published on Winslips’ blog pages, and this twice per week since 2011 (till TODAY):

Honestly, do yourself a favor and play ONLY tickets that have that winning footprint.

Here’s the world’s ONLY tool that guarantees you to play footprinted tickets (and nothing else):

To your awesome success in 2018,