Lottotrix lottery system guide – page 1

Question : “When you run hurdles, which hurdle is your first challenge ?”

lottotrix lottery system hurdle 1

Exactly ! That first hurdle is your first challenge.

With lotto jackpot games, your first challenge is quite similar.

Any lotto game starts with the draw of the first winning number, and …

… one of your tickets must match that first number. If none of your tickets do, your quest to win the jackpot ends prematurely.

Then, you must jump over the next hurdle. And that’s a complicated one.

Not only do you need to match the second winning number, the match must be on that same ticket that holds the first winning number.

And that’s a very critical moment. Most tickets stumble right there.

From then on, each time a new winning number is drawn, you must make a successful jump : 4 more jumps will lead you towards the jackpot.

Next, let’s have a closer look at
that critical moment.

(Incredible !)