Lottotrix lottery system guide – page 2

Let’s do something crazy …

Let’s take a typical 6/49 lotto game and let’s pretend we played all possible tickets just once. That’s 13,983,816 unique tickets (1 ticket = 1 combination).
Good Lord… that’s completely insane !!!

Insane it is, but if we did that, we would know for certain that 1 of our tickets has a 100 % chance to hit the jackpot. We would also know for sure that all the other tickets we bought have a 0 % chance.

Now, the BIG question rises:

“Which of our tickets will win the jackpot ?”

Well,… all jackpot winning tickets are very much alike. They really are ! so I can easily show you which ticket :

“the magical one”

One second BEFORE the start of the draw, each lotto ticket we bought has a 1 in 13,983,816 chance to match all six winning numbers. One second later, the odds are changing dramatically.

The 1st hurdle:lotto system guide hurdle 1

The first winning number rolls out of the lotto drawing machine. The magical one and exactly 1,712,303 other tickets do match that very first ball. Each one of our surviving tickets has a 1 in 1,712,304 chance to match the next 5 balls, still spinning in the tumbler.

The 2nd hurdle:lotto system guide hurdle 2

The second ball appears. Most of the tickets we bought have permanent fatal errors : 13,805,451 tickets didn’t match any number at all, or failed to match both numbers. (Like I said : a critical moment !)

But the magical one and 178,364 of our other tickets are doing extremely well. Each one of them has a 1 in 178,365 chance to match the next 4 balls. Wouldn’t you like to have such a ticket ? It might be the magical one. (Take note of that !)

Once a ticket survives that critical moment, the odds
are starting to look better, aren’t they ?

The 3rd hurdle: lotto system guide hurdle 3

The third ball appears. Only 15,179 tickets and the magical one are still in the race to win the jackpot. Each one of them has a 1 in 15,180 chance to grab the grand prize. (All those figures are 100 % accurate !!!)

The 4th hurdle: lotto system guide hurdle 4

The fourth ball appears. The magical one and 989 other tickets do match the first, second, third and fourth ball. With 2 balls to go, they have a 1 in 990 chance to match the next 2 winning balls.

The 5th hurdle: lotto system guide hurdle 5

The fifth hurdle comes with the fifth ball. Only 44 of our tickets are possible jackpot winners, each having a 1 in 44 chance to match the next and final winning number. The magical one is one of these tickets. Now let’s see what the “grand final” will bring.

The 6th hurdle: lotto system guide hurdle 6

The final winning ball appears… Only 1 ticket of the 13,983,816 tickets we bought matches all 6 winning numbers and wins the jackpot. Which ticket ? That magical-one! (Again, all those figures are 100 % accurate.)

Important Conclusion:

Most tickets we played lost the jackpot at the very beginning of the draw : 13,805,451 tickets out of the 13,983,816 lottery tickets we started with lost the jackpot the moment the 2nd ball appeared. That’s almost 99 % of all our tickets ! (Take note of that too !)

Next, let’s have a look at what
we can do to survive that
critical moment

(Pretty Smart !)