My Prediction for this week’s 4 Largest jackpot games

this week's lottery predictionDon’t expect empty promises from me as I won’t make them.

I am just good with numbers.

Extremely good.

Now pay attention!

At the time of writing

  • Powerball’s next jackpot is estimated at $184M.
  • EuroMillions’ 1st prize is pretty impressive as well: $157M.
  • And then we have Mega Millions: $136M.
  • EuroJackpot is ranked fourth: $112M.

Here’s my prediction for these 4 games:

I predict that the next winning combination for these 4 games will be marked by that very typical number distribution footprint that I discovered so many years ago.

Nearly all jackpot winning tickets have that winning footprint.

When you know that nearly all jackpot winning tickets have that winning footprint, then why bother playing tickets that don’t?

It’s a mathematical phenomenon that’s been happening again and again.

It will continue to happen again and again … I guarantee you.

When trying to capture a large jackpot, this important question should ALWAYS come to your mind:

“Why would I spend money on tickets that don’t have that winning footprint?”

Here’s the world’s ONLY tool that guarantees you to play “footprinted” tickets (and nothing else):

To your awesome success in 2018