The One Ticket System is available (again)

One Ticket Lottery SystemI always had the habit of putting my clever ideas into HIGHLY polished products.

That’s because I believe that an excellent product needs to be supported by a dedicated support team.

Excellent Product + excellent support …

That’s what most lottery players want.

My “One Ticket System” was no exception. Because of its excellence, it sold out instantly:

Since then, I keep getting questions about WHEN my “One Ticket System” will be available again.

Did you know that this clever system is fully integrated into Winslips?

To use Winslips as a One Ticket System, you simply use Winslips WITHOUT clicking the INVERT-button. This way, Winslips’ integrated reduction platform won’t be engaged and you’ll get just 1 ticket instead of the usual 6.

So, how does the One Ticket System work?

Great Question!

In my previous newsletters, I told you that nearly all jackpot winning tickets have a particular number distribution footprint.

To tell you the truth, plenty of quick picks have that footprint (that’s why people occasionally win BIG with quick picks) …

But – also 100% the truth – and nothing but the truth …

plenty of quick picks don’t have that winning footprint.

That’s why quick picks aren’t your best option.

You see … when you buy a quick pick, you either get a ticket with the correct number distributions (and a good start), or you get a ticket with the wrong number distributions (and a fatal start).

FYI, I don’t want a “fatal start”. Why would I want that?

I don’t think you want a fatal start either, do you?

So I came up with the idea of a BETTER quick pick, a quick pick that ALWAYS has that particular footprint that nearly all jackpot winning tickets have.

I first created a mathematical model to calculate the unique “game-specific” footprint for each lotto game that I targeted.

I then set up a computer program that randomly picked a set of numbers. If the picked combination matched the calculated footprint, it passed. If not, a new random combination was picked. If that one didn’t pass, a new one was picked, etc …

The result was a simple but very useful One Ticket System … “Having” or “not having” a random ticket with the correct number distributions did not depend on luck anymore, and that’s a big step forward to achieve lottery success.

Always remember that, when you decide to play an ordinary quick pick, that you are having a much smarter choice the next time you play:

To your awesome success in 2018,