Wanna know a real lottery secret?

Here’s a REAL lottery secret:

“Quick Pick players buy more tickets (compared to conventional players). That’s why lotteries promote the Quick Pick option so heavily …”

Don’t get me wrong, some major jackpots have been won with Quick Picks.

But you have to put things into perspective.

Let’s just do that …

  • At the time of writing (April 21 2016) … do you know how many tickets won a Powerball jackpot with a Quick Pick selection since January 2016?

    You can count them on the fingers of one hand: Only two!

  • Wanna know how many tickets lost the Powerball jackpot with a Quick Pick selection?

    This amazing observation will open your eyes:

    On average, each Powerball draw generates around 20 million ticket sales.

    About 80% of those are Quick Picks … That’s 16 million Quick Pick tickets per draw.

    Since January 2016, we had 32 draws.

    32 draws times 16 million QP tickets … minus the 2 winners I mentioned earlier …

    That’s more than half a billion quick picks since January 2016 that lost the jackpot.

Honestly, after reading this …

Do you still think that Quick Picks are your best option?

Remember, lotteries invented Quick Picks to increase ticket sales (and ONLY for that reason)

You have a much better option!

To your success,