When you win a BIG lottery jackpot … ! (Excellent advice)

Lotto Dollars WinningsWhen you win a BIG lottery jackpot, what should you do?

Trust me on this: winning stories are magnets for crooks, thieves and professional beggars.

For this reason, when a big lottery win happens to you, keep your “Big Win” as much a secret as you possibly can.

In the unfortunate case that your lottery state requires you to become public, contact a specialized attorney and seek help to minimize your exposure to the media.

Wanna know what happens when you don’t?

Take the Robinson family from Tennessee for example, who won one-third of that 1.5 billion Powerball jackpot last month.

After making their public appearance on various TV-shows, they were sued by an inmate who claims the tickets were bought with his money.

Now, although there’s no chance that this inmate will shave off a single penny from the Robinson’s winnings, just imagine how much trouble they have to deal with these kind of fraudulent claims.

According to them, their phone rings non-stop (and not only for the usual congratulations).

Same thing happens in their mail-box as they receive tons of letters with urgent requests.

Think they are enjoying that?

For this reason, when you win big, never EVER share your winning story with anyone.

If you do, not only complete strangers will harass you, but some of your best friends and family members will show their true colors too, I guarantee you!

So keep your lips sealed, okay?

To conclude this post, here’s some excellent advice that was mailed to me by one of our Winslips members.

Here it is:

If you win a BIG jackpot, immediately call everyone you know.

Tell them you have an emergency and need to borrow $500.

Most people you call will ignore you, or invent a poor excuse for not being able to help you out.

This will come in very handy … should they ever find out that you won the BIG one!

It will accomplish 2 things for you:

  1. it will make it much harder for them to ask money from you
  2. it will tell you who your real friends are, so you can share with those.

Pretty smart advice, isn’t it?

To your success,