Why INVERTED lottery wheels work so well

inverted lottery wheels versus traditional lottery wheelsWhen dealing with lottery systems, I am in a perfect position to know what’s possible and what’s not.

I also know what people want: a WORKING lotto system that is CHEAP to execute.

When you focus on the word “WORKING”, you need to understand that you’re looking for something that “IMPROVES” your chances.

When you focus on the word “CHEAP”, you need to understand that you need to “LIMIT” your weekly spending on lottery tickets.

So when combining the words “WORKING” and “CHEAP”, what you want is a BEST POSSIBLE chance your LIMITED budget can buy.

There are, however, people out there who think that a “best possible chance” is NEVER good enough.
How wrong can they be?

As a researcher on the subject, I know that there are ONLY 2 things you can do to mathematically improve your chances to win the lottery:

  1. You combine more numbers (= wheel), OR
  2. You pick your numbers from a smaller pool of numbers with the GUARANTEE that the winning numbers are among that smaller pool (= inverted wheel)

The problem with “wheels” is this one: The amount of lines dramatically increases with each additional number you want to combine.

NOT SO with “inverted wheels”! Only 6 to 8 lines are involved, and you’re guaranteed that the winning combo is among a smaller pool of numbers:

Picking numbers from fewer numbers is ALWAYS easier than picking an equal amount of numbers from more numbers. That’s a universal lottery law and that’s why INVERTED lottery wheels work so well.

To your awesome success in 2018,