Why you pick the same lottery numbers as your neighbor (and keep losing)

How the human mind picks lottery numbersIf you ever wondered why your mind LOVES to pick lottery number combinations that are completely wrong, then keep reading.

You know your ABC, right … ?

It’s language … and we humans are MASTERS of language.

With numbers, things are quite different.

They pop up everywhere, and our mind always tries to connect the dots …

When our mind sees 1, 4 and 5 … it sees “missing numbers” 2 and 3.

When it observes 2, 4 and 8 … it “predicts” number 16.

It gets even stranger than that …

Take a good look at ALL the numbers you played during the last week or month.

Your mind probably picked number 19 for no reason at all.

Hmmm … no reason? … What year were you born? Is number 19 somewhere in that year?

You see … we humans are not very good at picking ORIGINAL numbers.

And when we pick numbers from a grid, it gets even worse:

“our brain picks numbers from left to right and from top to bottom, which is the correct pattern for reading a book (but not for picking numbers) …”

The end-result is this:

Most players who pick their own numbers do it completely wrong. Not only do they pick the same popular numbers that many other lottery players prefer to pick, they also play number combinations that have completely wrong number distribution patterns.

No wonder jackpots roll over so many times and grow that big!

Are random Quick Picks better?

The answer is “NO”.

With trully random Quick Picks – if that’s what they are – you might avoid playing the same popular numbers that everyone else is playing, but that alone doesn’t guarantee a better chance to win.

The real issue is this one:

Plenty of quick picks do not have that typical number distribution pattern that nearly all jackpot winning tickets have.

There is an EASY and Fully Automated way to avoid all that:

It’s as simple as look, point and click.

To your awesome success in 2018,